Rob Ford ‘Inspired’ Graffiti and Art

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford declared a ‘War on Graffiti’ and local graffitists and artists declared war back. The mayor, his crackin’ lifestyle and a lot of the decisions coming out of Toronto City Hall are now being satirized on our streets and in our back alleys. All styles of street art are represented here, from paste-ups to stencils and even voodoo dolls made by local entrepreneur, Cleo Halfpenny.

Infamous Toronto graffitists Spud and Deadboy have also taken up the cause. Spud’s cackling Rob Ford heads, now turned into crack pipes, adorn the city at every turn and Deadboy’s depiction of Ford and his brother, City Councillor Doug Ford, as Tweedledee and Tweedledum has become infamous.

Some might say that ‘Bad times inspire great art’. Check back on this album occasionally as new work is constantly being added and feel free to send me sightings of new pieces.

Published by shutterjet

Toronto photojournalist transplanted to the wilds of BC. You can take the girl out of Toronto, but can you take Toronto out of the girl?

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